Stm32 Peripheral Drivers from Scartch : GPIO Programming Part 2

In the post we will create and populate the header file needed for our driver. Will also create the C file that goes along with that header file but the functions that go in there will be written in Part 3.

1. Add two new files to your project by right clicking on "Target 1" or under "User Libraries" Which is the naming convention that i use in previous videos. So.. Right Click->Add New Item To Group
when the pop up window appears click on C file name it something suitable sine this will be the name of your driver.

2. Add another file but this time it will be header file, it is common practice to name it the exact same thing as the C file you made in the previous step.

The video below will attempt to explain the content in the header file and the logic behind it. Like always if any questions arise feel free to comment or email me.

NOTE: The video is divided into two parts only because my recording software crashed mid way and I did not feel like rerecording again.


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