Well just as I was preparing to start this blog full speed ahead, it just so happened that I was given an opportunity to intern/co-op at Tesla headquarters in Palo Allto, California. I was planning on finishing the development of my personalized STM32 boards which I want to use in the upcoming remake of my tutorial series. Now that project and the remake of the tutorials themselves will have to wait till later this year. I return from California at the end of April.
In the meantime, I will still upload small posts (with no videos) on STM32 programming. I will also document my experience working at Tesla and give as much detail about that as I legally can.

I will be removing my old STM32 videos from YouTube once I have a full fledge arsenal of videos to replace them with. So until then you can enjoy and learn from them. Feel free to shoot me an email with any suggestions concerning the content of this blog.

Edwin Fairchild


  1. You no need to delete old videos from YouTube - every bit and piece of information is important. Even if something missing, it is valuable for people like me who starting to use advanced programming and 'true C#', not sketches and Arduino 'weird-ings'. Thanks. Milan Karakas, Croatia.

  2. This is cool. So what is Tesla having you work on?
    I have been following Tesla and especially SpaceX for some time now..

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  3. congrat Eddie, you deserve it

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